Wedding Photography FAQs

Wedding photography FAQs

 My advice and questions to ask your potential photographer

Wedding photography FAQs and advice with Stephen Armishaw Photography of Beverley, Hull and East Yorkshire.

Wedding photography faqs. I have been photographing professionally all over the planet for over 30 years  and have constantly been at the forefront of cutting edge and original imagery. With over 1600 weddings to my name, I can safely say I am very experienced in that field, whilst also running a successful modern portrait and commercial studio in Beverley nr Hull in East Yorkshire. Please have a look at my facebook page Stephen Armishaw Photography  and Pinterest Stephen Armishaw Photography for daily updates and portfolios for the major venues in the Beverley, Hull and East Yorkshire area. The following FAQ and advice is from my vast experience as a top professional and I hope it helps you choose your ideal wedding and portraiture photographer (and avoid the poss pitfalls!)

All of the following are of my opinion

Wedding photography questions and advice No. 1

When to pay

After paying your deposit for your wedding photography (in my case only £250), ask when you have to pay the remaining balance. We only ask for the rest of the fee up to two weeks AFTER your wedding day when you have have had the time to love them and my service provided. I have the confidence to know that you will be completely happy with my work and service as with over 1500 wedding couples before you!

I would personally never pay any more than the deposit for such an important service up front  before seeing the results. Getting you money back due to cancellations or if you are not happy with the service of your wedding (or portrait) photographer can be an expensive and heart breaking process. My advice would be do not pay your photographer the balance until you have seen, and are happy with your images and their services

Wedding photography questions and advice No.2

Add ons?

When you see a price,  always check the add-ons and extras further down the list.  A service that looks like great value can often end up costing much, much more. You may not even realise they are extras until after the day.

Our all inclusive package includes a highest quality album, staying until at least 10pm (not just to the first dance!), a dvd/stick with ALL images printable, Brides home coverage (with an option of covering the grooms preps as well), an enlargement and free pre (and post) wedding shoot. In other words, REALLY all inclusive!

Wedding photography questions and advice No.3

Viewing your images

After your big day, I would ask how long it will be before you see your edited images and how will you and your guests choose.

Some photographers can have you waiting 4 weeks and more. We aim to have your edited images on our simple to use, on line ordering system within our website within 7 days (sometimes sooner) and if required, can have a selection on facebook the same day! This is mainly due to having Julie our in-house designer working solely for myself and with being full time, we do not have to fit every thing around another job. Also, by getting the images pretty much correct in camera, there isn’t too much editing to do!

  We allow you to choose your images in your own time, by yourselves in the comfort of your own home on your computer or TV, with no need to sit for hours at a photographers salesroom/studio

We will ask you to choose around 80/100 as from our vast experience, that number makes for a well designed album but if you require extra images included in the album it will cost you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Wedding photographer questions and advice No. 4

Pre wedding shoots

Some photographers charge for your pre wedding shoot (another add on!).

I believe a pre wedding shoot is essential to getting to know you and showing you some simple, relaxed posing for your big day. I therefore offer a FREE PRE WEDDING SHOOT to be taken anytime before the day. If you have children, please bring them as its good to let them get to know me too. You can even bring the pet dog!

We also offer a FREE POST WEDDING SHOOT that can be taken any time after the wedding. Some people use this for their first born or even getting back in their wedding outfits and going somewhere really special we couldn’t cover on the day!

 Wedding photography questions and advice No. 5

Wedding photography albums

Some photographers don’t include an album in their packages and charge seperately if required. Albums can be very expensive.

A highest quality album is included in all but our digital only services, and will be of the size chosen by you with no attempt to upsell afterwards. We only use the very best quality wedding albums as I would not even think to put our beautiful images into anything cheap and cheerful. Remember, with ourselves the amount of images in your album is unlimited and free!

Wedding photography questions and advice No. 6

Staying Late

I would always ask your prospective photographer how long they are staying and do clarify the time offered. Most of the evening fun usually takes place after the cake cutting and first dance when everybody gets on the dance floor and relaxes as the drink starts to flow! Some photographers may even charge for extra hours on top of their packages.  More add ons!

As I specialize in beautiful night time photography (please see my portfolios!) and capturing the excitement of the later evening, my platinum service allows me to stay until around 10PM.

Wedding photography questions and advice No. 7

staged wedding shoots

I do not take part in and show staged wedding shoot images as I believe they would give a false impression of my ability as a photographer during a real wedding where the pressure, skill set and time needed is very different!

Wedding photography questions and advice

No. 8

Wedding photographer questions and advice No. 9

Photographic style and groups

If your photographer offers to blend into the background and you won’t know they are there, it will be interesting to see how the groups and stunning wedding portraits you may require will somehow come together. Getting the required groups together in a quick, organised and relaxed style is part of my art and can usually be done in around 15 painless minutes!

We take many real reportage, documentary and artistic images as part and parcel of our weddings and having studied art and judged photographic competitions, (and covered over 1500 unique weddings!), we love to make them a part of your big day coverage.

Wedding Photography questions and advice No.10

Equipment and Lighting

I obviously use only the very best Pro equipment and lens with usually 3 cameras at every wedding. With modern camera’s, if there is a problem, it is usually the storage cards failing. With that in mind, my cameras have 2  top pro cards in each camera for double security in the rare event of a failure.

I hope this wedding photography FAQs section has helped you in choosing your photographer, and if there are any other questions or advice needed please contact me. All the very best.