Portraiture and Portfolio FAQs and Advice

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Portraiture and Portfolio FAQs and Advice

In this section I will be using over 25 years of experience in top professional photography in Beverley, East Yorkshire (and the rest of the world!) to help you choose your portraiture photographer! Hope this helps and remember you can always ring or contact me for further help.

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Check reprint prices!

Always check the photographers reprint prices before you book for your sitting, (they will possibly be evasive or sound confusing but insist on a clear price). A “little” print for gran can end up being a very expensive pressie! Even if you have “won”, been given, or been offered a “free” sitting always ask, as quite often these are to entice you in and then the big sell starts! If they only supplyframed  supply smaller prints without frames as frames can be used to bump prices quite dramatically leaving you no options but to spend a fortune for a few pressies for friends and family.

We are totally open on our pricing with our full portrait sittings only £25 and reprints starting at only £19!

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Charity Shoots

We work with the RSPCA to raise funds by giving 10% of any fees and reprints we sell using one of the RSPCA leaflets from their Beverley shop or from my studio. This method usually gives much more to the charity than paying a fixed up front fee for the sitting to the charity and can be used for pets, families or/and the kids!

Once again, always ask how much reprints are before committing to a shoot, whether charity, “prize win” or freebie session.  It may be better for the charity and your bank balance to use our method of fund raising!

No 3

Be wary of the hard sell!

Some of today’s portrait (and wedding!) photographers come from a pushy sales environment or employ staff who do. A good few of our clients have been caught in the past by these hard sell photographers but you probably wont know until you are in their sales room! Paying in installments is sometimes offered to entice you to spend money you might not have or want to spend.

I work on the principle of return business, so allow you choose exactly and only what you really want, as I want you to come back again and tell all of your friends about the great experience! When choosing your images taken myself, you are actually left to view your images by yourselves for a time to chat without being pestered by a sales person. I can assure you of this, as I not only shoot the session, I show it as well!

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As with wedding photography, the most important thing for a portrait or portfolio photographer to have is experience. Having owned a professional studio in the lovely town of Beverley nr Hull in East Yorkshire for over 25 years and constantly creating the latest styles, (and reinventing the classic), I am very qualified in that respect!

Check out my portfolios on here and facebook stephen armishaw photography or my many boards in https://uk.pinterest.com/stephenarmishaw/ to see all you need to know

No 5

How long does it take?

We always put a full hour aside for our portraiture sessions. It can take less time but we use some of the time to get to know you and relax the subjects! We are definitely not a bums on seats studio, rushing you in and out, even at our busiest time of the year, preferring to take the time needed and enjoy the session.

To view our portraits portfolio please go to http://www.stephenarmishaw.co.uk/portraits-gallery/